Stage Stormers is a part of the
Owen J. Roberts School District
Summer Enrichment program

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STEAM Summer Workshop

We offer an innovative program that uses STEAM (Science, Technology,
Engineering, Art, Mathematics) concepts in our workshops. We place
emphasis on physical, cognitive, and social development.

Hands-on opportunities are always a part of our activities
to grow children’s natural curiosity.

We will introduce and explore the world of discovery while working on
problem solving, literacy, and collaborative techniques within our project
based, inquiry driven activities. It is never too early to introduce little
one to the wonders the world has to offer and how they relate to each other.

Workshop themes will include communication skills, theater arts, and
visual arts. Students will be active participants building on their
own creativity, innovation, and critical thinking.


It’s never too early to learn how to speak in front of people. Fun and engaging activities will
show students how to enhance their social behavior while improving their ability to connect with
peers, families, and teachers. Students will learn and practice how to use all forms of
communication in various situations.

Dates: July 23rd thru July 26th (Mon – Thurs) – 4 days
Location: North Coventry Elementary School
Ages: 4 to 9 years
Cost: $55 – Class size limited to 20
Time: 1pm - 3:30pm



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